Love is worth the heartbreak

May 9, 2018

To love at all is to be vulnerable.

Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken.

C.S. Lewis

I was completely caught up in the love of God this morning. My thoughts were not in the way you would imagine because seemingly out of nowhere I had the image of the heart of God wide open. I saw me wielding a sledgehammer. With love and mercy, he tenderly gazed at me waiting for my decision. He gives me daily the power to break his heart. Jesus was blessed, broken and given away.

God stands with arms wide open; heart exposed as if asking “what will you do with me?” The Father blessed him and gave his life for us and to us. He awaits our response daily. His heart is big enough to absorb all our attempts. He does not expect perfect; he wants complete devotion. The God of the everything wants to go exclusively with me. Like I saw this morning, I hope you will see his eyes gazing at you with love and mercy. I hope you will drop the sledgehammer of idol worship. My sledgehammer and yours will be different. It could be money, time, food, physical appearance, children, boyfriend, husband, and independence; it can be anything.

I heard my heart shatter as I slid down the wall of my bathroom floor. My world would never be the same.  I am done, betrayed not once or twice but recklessly and continuously. Love knows it can be hurt. There are no guarantees with people. My heart will be broken a lot too; the trick is not to bury it. I am taken blessed, broken and given away. You are taken, blessed, broken and given away. The heart taken, blessed, broken and given away multiplies. I am convinced the spilling out of a broken heart allows the free flow of love in and out of my life. Do not be afraid of a broken heart, love multiplies.




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Thank you for sharing this. It is very easy to allow anything in our lives to become idols – even perfectly legitimate things which, for others, might not be idols at all. God is always challenging us to not have any other gods before him but to find our meaning and identity in him instead of these other things.

    Shalom Liddick

    Yes! Thank you!

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