Sunrise Surrender

March 16, 2020

Perched upon this boulder
eyes fixed to the east
I clear my mind of traffic
or one lane of it, at least

This day is not yet traveled
as the clouds turn faintly gold
Yet already road noise threatens
the peace that calms my soul

My attention then is drawn
to dark outline on pale sky
A hawk is gliding overhead
and understanding seeps inside

There were no grand wing movements
as he leaned into the breeze
Just the faintest of corrections
I had to strain to see.

Revelation filled my mind
as my Knower seemed to say
“Be more like this bird
as you go about your day.

You must learn to surrender,
lean into challenges and tasks.
I will not let you plummet.
I’ve got you in my grasp.

Yes, I know the road you travel
is chaotic and it’s loud
But you don’t have to take a detour
to make it through the crowd.

Lift your chin up higher
and keep your eyes on Me.
I’ve provided you with road signs.
Follow them. They’ll set you free.”

Tension drains from crown of head
down through my grounded feet.
Quieting my stubborn striving
rebellion takes a back seat.

Warming rays now hold my face
wind whispers in my ear,
“My daughter, you are loved.
Surrender—I’m right here.”

– Stacy Clinkingbeard

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