Thank You!

Your copy of  Immanuel: A 31 Day Study of the Book of John will be arriving in your inbox shortly. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy reading some of my most recent blog posts.

A benediction for the New Year
May our good God bless you and keep you May his face turn towards you  May the gaze of God[...]
Intangible unicorn – illusive hope
Hope is that intangible unicorn. No one seems to be sure what it is or how to define it. However,[...]
Midweek poetry
There will be days when you do not feel Fearless And you choose to get up And go out to[...]
Migraines & The Cross
These last few days have been intense. 4 days of blinding headache, dizziness, and nausea (thank you for praying. My[...]
Eat & Remember
Holy Week will soon officially begin; I think for many of us, it has already started.  The scene is set, the[...]
Sunrise Surrender
Perched upon this boulder eyes fixed to the east I clear my mind of traffic or one lane of it,[...]

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